Sensi Studio is a small-batch clay jewelry maker based out of Guelph, Ontario. Every piece is handmade with the utmost love.
When you first meet Maya your heart settles in. She is an absolute delight of a human being. We became quick friends and a short time afterwards, she inquired about us working together to brand Sensi Studio.
The meaning behind Sensi - a sensitive soul allowed for a deep connection and concept to be shared between our vision and the execution of the identity, symbols, stationery and other customer touch points.
The brand needed to be cared for with all senses in mind, it should be experienced like emotions in full-body. This allowed for us to experiment and play with textured paper stocks, linoblock stamps, custom ink stamps, embossings.
discovery & strategy
brand identity
A warm and inviting logotype playing to the dark and light emotions we each carry with subtle hints of the natural elements that connect us and draw us closer to our authentic self.
all images above are sourced from pinterest & curated by brie
It is said that the stars, moon, and sun have an impact on our emotions, our sensitive side. Sensi- is a related term to sensitive; focussed on emotion, yet relates to the sense that we engage with when working with clay: touch/feel. Through exploring and accessing these fundamental discoveries in emotion and sense, we have incorporated a set of symbols that connect both sides of sensi.
A series of business cards.
Elegant and simple earring card designs paired with a heavier textured paperstock to elaborate your sensi-side through touch, yet draw your attention to the gorgeous handmade clay jewelry.
A starter series for the brand launch!

Check out some more fun work!

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