Brian Depalma is known for his suspense, thriller, and crime films as he is an American film director and Screenwriter. He is often recognized for his unusual camera angles and compositions, uncomfortably graphic violence, and unexpected plot twists.
When creating this fictional film festival, one of the goals was to assign an appropriate name that would be able to depict the theme that is shown throughout Depalma's films while still maintaining the integrity of the design. Schism is a word used to describe a split or division between strongly opposed sections, and when said aloud, the word feels uncomfortable. Thus, making it a perfect discriptor for the festival.
Since Depalma enjoyed working with angles, and unusual composition, this was incorporated throughout all of the required pieces. The brochure, highlighted all of the films that would appear in the three-day festival which included Carrie, Scarface, The Untouchables, and few other of Depalma's successors.
All photography was deemed black and white, as it was to create a greater contrast with the red that represented the constant bloodshed in the films, and embrace the feeling of unease for the reader. 
A promotional video was created to highlight the main scenes in Depalma's films, enticing the viewer to attend the event, and celebrate Depalma's career.
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