Morale Magazine is a concept piece that is meant to inspire young women. The idea of the magazine is to feature articles written about female industry leaders, their success, and how they achieved it within their field. The magazine is meant to be released quarterly along with the seasonal changes - and is to feature a 'young entrepreneur' spotlight.
Throughout the entire magazine, the style of photography, illustration, typography, and layout would vary depending on the industry that edition is focussing on, but the styles would still be considered alternative and experimental.
By being creative with typography, photography, and layout. This magazine concept would be appealing to the demographic in which we hope to inspire. Not only would it create a visually appealing product, but it would speak volumes to the creative impact of the readership.
In order for the layouts to be successful, and to do their job in attracting readership, all visual components must work together. In this layout, the type has been hand rendered, and vectorized pulling some of the colour from the opposite photo.
Remember: create a statement with all that you do. And don't be afraid to experiment!

Thanks for checking out my project. I hope you enjoyed it!
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