Since 1986, Goliger’s Travel Plus has been proudly providing travel management solutions to many of Canada’s most respected and established organizations. With values built on customer service and trust, our full service agency (leisure, corporate, and group travel departments) has grown to become one of the largest, independently owned travel agencies in Canada.

Over the course of 30 years, Goliger’s has grown from 1 to 13 different branches stretching all across southwestern Ontario. This includes a division in Hanover - Hanover Travel Plus.
Client Package
These are our customer touch points. Clients receive them when booking, 
after their return home, and after referrals. They include ticket jackets, travel vouchers, 
gift card holders, packing list/info booklet, luggage tags and pins.
Ticket Jackets
These custom designed “fat” ticket jackets were created to better hold all of the printed materials
that are given to clients upon booking. They are often paired with our small ticket jackets, travel
preparation booklets and any other booking information that is associated with their journey.
Large Ticket Jackets
Our large ticket jackets are for basic bookings with minimal documents.
They are typically paired with just tickets and our preparation booklet.
Travel Pouches
Our travel pouches were designed as a give-away to clients to hold all of their important
documents when travelling. These pouches can also be used as a ‘marker’ when
an organized travel group is on a journey together.
Tote Bags
Our heavy-duty totes were designed as a promotional tool to have
present at our travel shows. This is the perfect giveaway gift for
our clients as it can be used for a multitude of activities.
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