This project was started in 2015 with the intention to build a brand focused on the "mom" demographic. It was inspired by my daughter, Ellie Louise, who was born in February of 2015; hence Dear Ellou. The slogan of the small-business is: from one mother to another. I wanted to create a brand that would appeal to other stylish mothers like myself. So, I began sewing bibs, designing clothes, and making beautiful birth announcement signs, but what I came to realize is that because of my background in design and my love for typography, I really enjoyed working on the type-based signs. Once Ellie began to outgrow some of the clothing products, I started to focus more of my efforts on type-based designs. I felt so inspired. I knew this was the right direction, so it's been 2 years, and there is no looking back: I'm hooked. Check out @dearellou on Instagram for more examples of my work.
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