Since 1986, Bradley Walters Journeys has been supplying customers with unforgettable journeys.
As the brand continues to grow, so does the amount of loyal followers. The wonderful thing about BWJ is
that a majority of new clients are from satisfied customer referrals. After all, we make dreams come true.
Bradley Walters Journeys is a unique group travel supplier. Every journey offered
has its own look and style, but they all tie back into the one centralized personality
that is the Bradley Walters Journeys brand. Above are a handful of promotional
elements used in 2016 and a sneak peek at the upcoming 2017 year.
Destination Guides
Three years ago we embarked on the rebrand of Bradley Walters Journeys.
The Bradley Walters Journeys brochure is the starting point of all designed elements
for that year. Each year presents a different line-up of trips and styles.
2016/2017 Destination Guide
Our brochures are a mix of style and function. They need to be visually dynamic,
but also user-friendly for travel agents and our clients. The sidebar is a key feature
on all itineraries that highlights the trip details in one place.
Ticket Jackets
These thick-spined ticket jackets are often paired with tickets,
pamphlets and any other information necessary for travel.
Travel Pouch
Our travel pouches were designed as a giveaway to clients that
travel with us. It allows the carrier to keep all important travel
documents together and can be repurposed after.
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