Boosh makes hand-crafted beauty products using clean ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals.
Boosh's founder, Sarah, has always been allergic to chemical food dyes. When she discovered she could create her own products free of petroleum-based oils,  artificial fragrances, and food dyes, she needed to share this beautiful product with the world.

Together, we established the Boosh brand with an identity, brand assets, packaging, product and social photography. The goal was to look and feel clean and minimal, yet as bold as the vision.
discovery & strategy
logo identity & system
product photography
social photography

Boosh is a beauty brand at the forefront of a revolution, it makes people feel naturally beautiful.
The goal is to stand out from other clean beauty products and appeal and educate a younger audience on clean beauty.
Boosh's lipstick tubes were meant to hit all the touch-points of other clean brands; recyclable, reusable and as close to zero waste as possible while still standing out. We chose a reusable aluminum tube with a rose gold shine. And girrrrrrl, doesn't she stand out?
Beauty and zero waste all in one.
This tube stood at the forefront of the brand before we began other build-outs seen below.
The shiny metallic rose gold lipstick tubes present as a challenging, yet extremely fun object to photograph.
A creative series of fun, playful photographs for social campaigns.
boosh is currently selling lipsticks primarily online. Order online or check out the boosh website to find a wholesaler near you.

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