I have had the pleasure to work with boosh beauty products since the beginning of 2016. Together, we have developed a beautiful brand that focusses on providing consumers with an organic, vegetarian, chemical and cruelty-free option in a variety of beauty products. This lifestyle brand brings knowledge to a chemical-harsh industry by educating consumers and encouraging them to make insightful, smart, healthy decisions. The focus of the brand is clean, modern, and pretty. 
In the next few series of social media photos, you will notice the common theme of pink. This colour was chosen as an icon of the brand because of the organic state of the human lip - often a shade of pink. This allows the consumer to recognize the photography style + often it will automatically make them think about the brand (ie; when they see photos with a pink background - they will think 'boosh'.)

We have been working diligently to design the new rose-gold aluminum tube for quite some time, so it was my honour that at the end of April 2017, boosh launched their new tubes. These tubes are 100% recyclable + include the brand's logo on the outside and the slogan 'no chemicals, period.' on the interior of the tube. The rose gold was chosen to be a key colour in the brand - metallic, feminine, sleek, and clean. This colour allows for the lipstick to stand out, not only in quality, but also by the immense unique look of the tube shape + colour. I can't wait until we complete the packaging to pair with this beautiful tube and product.

New Tubes: Easter 2017
When I first began working with boosh, we started with simple plastic silver tubes. This style was fun to work with, but definitely came with it's design limits. We didn't have branded tubes, which was difficult for people to recognize the brand or differentiate our brand from other lipstick companies. The only thing that said boosh on the tube was a tiny sticker at the bottom that also indicated the colour of the tube. This helped to identify what we needed on our new tubes, pictured above, as well as what we wanted them to look like. Although the initial tube didn't represent the core values of the brand, the product did. Through brand developed photography, and other various print pieces, we were able to capture and establish the brand's look and feel while maintaining the integrity of the brand. 

Old Tubes: Valentine's Day 2017
Old Tubes: Halloween 2016
Old Tubes: Christmas 2016
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