Hello! My name is Brie Pointer. ​​​​
I am an enthusiastic, positive and outgoing art director, designer and illustrator living in Waterloo.
I love working with people to develop their brand and create impactful design. I believe that good design begins with collaboration! I am constantly learning about different mediums and processes to maximize my knowledge so that I can best serve each and every client. I absolutely love what I do and have a lot fun doing it.
I enjoy meeting new people, learning their story and making them smile or laugh! When I'm not creating, I'm growing vegetables, raising children, and building community with my partner at Wayward Farm.
Thank you for being here.

Brie Pointer is a treasure; a renaissance woman. She is fiercely curious and this allows her to deep dive into whatever project she’s working on. When working her, this translates to having a feeling that anything is possible. She can work with almost any medium, or knows the perfect community connection. Brie designed my entire brand from logos, to packaging, to website graphics to even streamlining the brand's story. Her talent, taste, and eye for design is unparalleled. She is patient and above all things, she is supportive and enthusiastic! Even though I was terrified to start a small business, Brie never let me stay in that space for long. She believed in me fiercely before I did in myself. It was kind of impossible to feel anything but excited when working with her. She makes decisions quickly while always, always taking into consideration the needs of her clients.
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